the edge battlefield


The basic skill required is to aim, the first thing you need to understand is that you will have to hit the sensors to make a hit, so aiming at these is essential, they are located on the head or gun, even if you can see your opponents head or gin you should hold fire until you can see the sensor. You need to remember that shooting gives your position away.

If you are using a telescopic scope, the scope is mounted approx 10-15 centimetres above the actual barrel. With telescopic scopes, you need to keep your eye steady and around 6 centimetres (varies from scope to scope) back from the back of the scope to see through it clearly.

Too close or too far away and the vision will be black or very narrow. With Red Dot scopes, typically found on Spitfires, Scorpions, Cobras and Commando's you should make sure you can see the red dot in the scope and keep the red dot near the centre.

You then put the red dot 5-10 centimetres above the targets sensor.