the edge battlefield


Battlefield LIVE is an authentic combat entertainment experience using military grade infra-red gaming guns. There's no paintballs or airsoft pellets flying around, so there's no expensive ammo to buy and absolutely no pain.
All our weapons are fitted with either red-dot or 3x9 zoom sniper scopes for accurate target aquisition. Instant hit feedback keeps you informed of your successful "kills" and when you've taken a "bullet".
The Edge Battlefield is the most realistic simulation short of joining the military.

Booking is essential for a private parties, giving you exclusive use of the battlefield for kids parties, youth groups, corporate training days, stag/hen parties or any other reason you can think of. Our sophisticated technology means our Live Plays can be played in small groups of 10 players or, up to 40 players at once! When there is 20 players per side the game is awesome, there's so much energy, excitement, action and loads of shooting!